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What is WIN

The Water Infrastructure Network (WIN) is a broad-based coalition of local elected officials, drinking water and wastewater service providers, state environmental and health administrators, engineers and environmentalists dedicated to preserving and protecting the health, environmental and economic gains that America's drinking water and wastewater infrastructure provides. (View the WIN member organizations).

WIN issues key reports and otherwise encourages support for adequate infrastructure funding at all levels from federal to local. WIN has identified the nation's core infrastructure needs as:

  • Drinking water supply systems - including water treatment facilities, finished water storage, finished water distribution systems, source water development, water supply management and interconnection, source water protection, demand management, and rehabilitation of raw water conveyance and water storage infrastructure;
  • Domestic wastewater management systems - including wastewater collection and pumping infrastructure, wastewater treatment plants, wastewater reclamation and reuse facilities, biosolids (sludge) management, and discharge infrastructure; and
  • Wet weather runoff control systems and management practices - including pollution prevention and/or reduction practices as well as runoff collection, conveyance, and treatment facilities.


Legislative Activity

WIN Reports

Still Living without the Basics in the 21st Century: An Analysis of Gaps in Infrastructure Accessibility and Other Challenges for the New Millennium.
ALL DRIED UP: How Clean Water is Threatened by Budget Cuts

Water Infrastructure
Clean & Safe Water
for the 21st Century
Dawn of the Replacement Era: Reinvesting in Drinking Water Infrastructure
WIN 2006
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