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03/02/2012 – NACWA President Testifies at House Water Resources Hearing on Innovative Financing, NACWA

02/21/2012 – New Study Shows Infrastructure Investment Helps Economy While Boosting Government Revenues, AED

02/13/2012 – Obama Administration Makes FY2013 Budget Request: SRF Programs See Cuts, Demonstrates Need for NACWA “2020 Vision for the Future”, NACWA

08/02/2010 - Briefing on Water Trust Fund Garners Significant Attention on Capitol Hill, NACWA

07/15/2009 - Congressmen Propose Trust Fund for Nation's Water Infrastructure, Journal Sentinel

06/17/2009 - Clean Water Costs, The Baltimore City Paper

05/20/2009 - Members Quiz Jackson On Water Infrastructure Grants For Small Communities, BNA

05/20/2009 - Jackson Backs Revolving Funds Over Grants, Will Review Plight of Smaller Communities, BNA

05/07/2009 -  Senate Committee Likely to Consider State Revolving Fund Reauthorization Bill, BNA

02/12/2009 - ECONOMY: Congress set to pass stimulus bill after leaders strike deal on $790B measure, BNA

02/11/2009 - Senate, House Set to Tackle Differences After Senate Vote on Economic Stimulus Bill, BNA

01/28/2009 - Senate Appropriations Committee Approves Stimulus Bill to Fund Water, Other Projects, BNA

12/19/2008 - Obama Team Assembling $850 Billion Stimulus, Washington Post

10/17/2008 - Senate Might Take Up Stimulus During Lame Duck -- Reid, E&E News PM

09/30/2008 - Under Strain, Cities Are Cutting Back Projects, The New York Times

06/29/2008 - America Is Falling Apart, The Oregonian

06/23/2008 - Trouble in the Pipes: Aging Sewers Threaten Environment, Public Health, GANNETT NEWS SERVICE

01/31/2008 - House Leaders Call for GAO Report on Funding Infrastructure Needs, E&E Daily

01/08/2008 - Keep Water Safe by Investing Now, USA Today, Opinion


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