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WIN News Articles (2003)

12/04/03 - Cincinnati to Spend $1 Billion to Upgrade Sewer System, Curb Discharges Under Pact, BNA

11/17/03 - Water, Sewer Bills Taking Bigger Bite Out Of Household Budgets

11/16/03 -  Atlanta Pushes For U.S. Sewer Funds, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

11/12/03 - Bush And Democrats Differ Over How To Stimulate Jobs, Amsterdam News

10/27/03 - Sewer Overhauls Drive Fee Hikes

10/13/03 - Future Water Quality May Be Headed Back to the 1970s

10/13/03 - Growing Funding Gap Drives Search for Innovative Solutions, Engineering News Record

10/06/03 - U.S. Must Add To Funding Of Nation's Water Systems

09/10/03 - State Senator Pushes Water Quality Bill, Daily Herald

07/02/03 - Aging Water Infrastructure Causes Dangerous Road Cave-ins in Georgia City, The Augusta Chronicle

06/18/03 - Bush Administration Plays Highway Proposal SAFE, Concrete Products

6/17/03 - Digging Deep for a Cleaner Rhode Island

May/June Why not Water?, Water & Wastewater Products

May'03 - Water Infrastructure Network Advocates for Large and Small Interests Alike (PDF), Pacific Mountain Network News

05/26/03 - NLC Leaders Honored for Their Commitment to Wastewater Treatment (PDF), Nation's Cities Weekly

4/28/03 - Cleaner Sewage: At what price?

4/14/03 - House Weighs Wastewater System Upgrades, Waste News

4/08/03 - Cities Struggle to Find Sewer Improvement Funds, Greenwire

4/01/03 - Rusty, Leaky, Localities Deal With Old Water Systems

1/30/03 - Support Growing For Water Improvement Trust Fund

1/28/03 - Cleaner Water Will Be Pricey, Report Says

1/26/03 - Infrastructure Repairs May Suffer

1/13/03 - Water Infrastructure Funding Bill Introduced in Congress, WaterTech Online

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Still Living without the Basics in the 21st Century: An Analysis of Gaps in Infrastructure Accessibility and Other Challenges for the New Millennium.
ALL DRIED UP: How Clean Water is Threatened by Budget Cuts

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