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WIN News Articles (2004)

12/15/04 - Rural Center Study Finds North Carolina Facing $15 Billion in Water & Sewer Needs by 2030, N.C. Rural Economic Development Center

12/10/04 - Sewer Systems Still Leak, The Poughkeepsie Journal
11/30/04 - Treatment Officials Propose Fee on Bottled Beverages to Aid Infrastructure Fund, Greenwire

11/23/04 - Ohio Water and Sewer Improvement Projects to Get Federal Cash, Associated Press Newswires

10/01/04 - The Nation's Wastewater Infrastructure is Crumbling, Pollution Engineering

07/26/04 - Congress to Upgrade Sewer Systems to Avoid Overflows During Rainstorms, Clean Water Report

07/14/04 - Water Main Break To Steer Aspects of City's Future, WTVO Channel 17 Rockford, IL

06/30/04 - $1 Billion Needed for Clean Water in Region, WANE Fort Wayne WorldNow

06/22/04 - Let's Make America's Infrastructure a Priority Before Iraq's, Congressional Record

06/08/04 - Sewer Fixes Costly and Complex, EPA Says, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

06/01/04 - A Matter of Trust, Environmental Protection Magazine

05/19/04 - Crumbling Sewers Set Off Scramble, Des Moines Register

04/08/04 - A Flood of Broken Mains, The Baltimore Sun

May'04 - Dealing with Deteriorating US Water and Wastewater Infrastructure (PDF), Euromoney

03/31/04 - Federal Tax Could Fund Infrastructure, Utility Manager Suggests to Conference, BNA

03/11/04 - $500 Billion Needed to Fix Crumbling U.S. Water Infrastructure, Montgomery County Sentinel

03/10/04 - Sen. Jeffords' March 10 EPW Hearing Statement Quotes Luntz Survey, Federal News Service

03/04/04 - Budget Committee Urged to Allocate $5.2 Billion for Infrastructure Loan Funds, BNA

02/26/04 - As Election Approaches, American Public Shows Overwhelming Support for Clean Water Funding, Water World

02/13/04 - Mayors Meet in Washington to Develop Strategies on Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation, U.S. Mayor Newspaper

01/20/04 - Solution to Wastewater Bill Impasse Sough in Draft Letter to House Speaker, BNA

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Still Living without the Basics in the 21st Century: An Analysis of Gaps in Infrastructure Accessibility and Other Challenges for the New Millennium.
ALL DRIED UP: How Clean Water is Threatened by Budget Cuts

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