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The Economic Impact and Financing of Infrastructure Spending 2012 (AED, March 2012)

Investing More Now in America’s Clean Water Infrastructure: Good for Jobs, the Economy, and the Environment — A NACWA White Paper (NACWA, September 2011)

Jobs for America: Investments and Policies for Economic Growth and Competitiveness (Milken Institute, January 2010)

Post ARRA CWA and SDWA Infrastructure Needs (ECOS, January 2010)

CLEAN WATER INFRASTRUCTURE: A Variety of Issues Need to Be Considered When Designing a Clean WaterTrust Fund (GAO Report, June 2009)

A 2005 Survey conducted by the Conference of Mayors revealed that rehabilitating the aging water infrastructure is the highest water resource priority of the nation’s principal cities (November 2005)

EPA's Third Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment: Third Report to Congress (June 2005)

NRDC's What's on Tap? Report (June 2003)

Future Investment in Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure (CBO Study)

Harvard Study Finds Billions Needed for Drinking Water Infrastructure Repair (February 2002)

United States General Accounting Office Report on Water Infrastructure: Information on Federal and State Financial Assistance. GAO-02-134 (November 30, 2001)

Dawn of the Replacement Era: Reinvesting in Drinking Water Infrastructure (PDF)
Dawn of the Replacement Era: Reinvesting in Drinking Water InfrastructureIn conjunction with their annual meeting in June 2001, the American Water Works Association released a new report detailing infrastructure needs at twenty major utilities throughout the country. Unlike the WIN reports which provide combined estimates for wastewater and drinking water infrastructure needs, the AWWA project covers only drinking water, and estimates a $250 billion need over the next 30 years. (May 2001)

Citing the Water Infrastructure Network, California's Rebuild America Coalition Calls on Congress to Increase Wastewater Infrastructure Funding (February 2002)


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Still Living without the Basics in the 21st Century: An Analysis of Gaps in Infrastructure Accessibility and Other Challenges for the New Millennium.
ALL DRIED UP: How Clean Water is Threatened by Budget Cuts

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Dawn of the Replacement Era: Reinvesting in Drinking Water Infrastructure
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