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As Election Approaches, American Public Shows Overwhelming Support for Clean Water Funding

Feb. 26, 2004 -- The American public broadly supports establishing a national trust fund that would protect the environmental well-being of the nation's rivers, lakes and streams by providing dedicated funding for the country's clean water infrastructure.
According to a February 2004 nationwide survey (http://www. conducted by prominent pollster and communications expert, Frank Luntz, on behalf of the Association of Metropolitan Sewerage Agencies, the American public agrees that the nation's water quality future should be a vital national priority.

As the Luntz survey points out, regardless of political views, gender, race or religion, the message is the same - there is tremendous support for a federal recommitment to water infrastructure funding. Findings from the survey show that:

* 91% are concerned that America's waterways will not be clean for their children and their grandchildren.

* 90% of the public believe that a federal investment to guarantee clean water is a critical component of our nation's environmental well-being.

* 83% support legislation that would create a national clean water trust fund.

The Congressional Budget Office, the General Accounting Office and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency all agree there is a national funding gap estimated to be as high as $1 trillion for water infrastructure over the next 20 years. Without a federal recommitment to clean water we risk losing the 30 years of water quality progress enjoyed under the Clean Water Act.

The economic and public health implications to the nation and virtually all local communities are staggering and will only escalate if this issue continues to be ignored - an outcome voters clearly will not accept. The public has spoken and their message is loud and clear - clean water is not just a local issue but is national in scope and requires dedicated national funding to help states and localities pay for the necessary upgrades that will guarantee clean water for future generations of Americans.

AMSA is a national trade association representing hundreds of the nation's publicly owned wastewater treatment utilities. AMSA members serve the majority of the sewered population in the United States and collectively treat and reclaim over 18 billion gallons of wastewater every day. AMSA members are environmental practitioners dedicated to protecting and improving the nation's waters and public health.



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