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Fixing Infrastructure Is Good for Economy

November 4 2001

Re "GOP Bypasses the Bipartisan Truce," Oct. 14.

The story says, "Republicans say a vast infusion of federal spending for infrastructure projects has little to do with rebuilding the economy." Funny; I always thought I could spend more when I was employed. And repairing Orange County's ailing water and sewage systems would employ more than 50,000 people for more than three years.

Water. The pipes are rusting or rotting and have to be replaced. The water towers are too. The water sources are so contaminated by chemicals and human and animal wastes, we have to build new, more expensive treatment facilities. Sewage. The pipes have to be replaced. We have to build more expensive treatment facilities to process the sewage before we dump it. We have to find someplace to put the processed sewage.

Pollution. We have to stop or reduce the amount of pollutants that are put each day into the air we breathe, the water we drink and swim in, and the land we live and grow crops on.

And if we don't make these repairs, we'll die. Oh sure, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher will go surfing in Cambodia at taxpayer expense, but the rest of us will just just have to swim in the polluted waters off Huntington Beach. Unless, of course, we have pools. Hey, that's it, all you Republicans, rebuild the economy, put it in a private pool.

I wouldn't spend the money on the already rich, the 5% who control our nation's wealth, so they could sock it away offshore. I'd rebuild the economy both short and long term at the same time I rebuilt our nation's infrastructure. But then, I'm not running for Congress--yet.

Phillip Good

Huntington Beach



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