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(11/02) EPA, GAO Examine Water Industry Financing
(11/27/02) Water Infrastructure Needs Billions in Investment, US Budget Office Says
(11/18/02) US News & World Report Article on Drinking Water Infrastructure Costs, Privatization
(11/13/02) Pipe break cuts Hetch Hetchy supply in half
 Rupture near Modesto creates ripple effect across Bay Are

(11/04/02) Broken Sewer Lines Can Ruin Homes, Savings
(10/30/02) Activist Report LinksCalifornia Water Infrastructure Needs to Health Problems
(10/28/02) Portland Sewer Project Demonstrates Massive National Funding Need
(9/30/02) WIN Press Release: EPA Report on Water Infrastructure Funding Gap Bolsters WIN Position
(9/06/02) Aging Sewers Pose Funding Challenge in La Mesa
(8/22/02) Austin, Texas Faces Daunting Infrastructure Challenge
(8/22/02) Drought Causes Added Problems to Aging Water Infrastructure
(8/08/02) San Diego to Sell Bonds For Water System Upgrade
(8/06/02) Only One of 20 North Carolina Communities Receive Water Infrastructure Funding
(8/01/02) Leaky Pipes Create Heavy Water Loss, Cost for Detroit
(7/30/02) Florida Faces Billions in Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Needs
(7/08/02) Rotting sewer, water lines tough problem in Big Easy
(6/11/02) Duluth, Minnesota Faces Problems with Century-Old Sewer Infrastructure
(6/05/02) Houston Faces Giant Water, Sewer Infrastructure Funding Need
(5/30/02) Pennsylvania Faces Billions of Dollars in Sewer Infrastructure Upgrades
(5/03/02) The Baltimore Sun Cites WIN's Infrastructure Funding Needs Estimate
(4/19/02) Christian Science Monitor Editorial Cites WIN Report, Urges Congress to Fund Water Infrastructure
(4/17/02) Cities Struggling to Fund Costly Combined Sewer Infrastructure Projects; EPA Estimates Cost at $45 Billion
(4/14/02) Southeast Michigan Faces $52 Billion in Wastewater InfrastructureCosts Over Next 20 Years
(4/10/02) New York Times Says Draft of EPA Water Infrastructure Gap Analysis Sites Funding Shortfall of $650 Billion
(3/29/02) EPA Administrator Warns Water Infrastructure Top Concern
(3/25/02) Lansing, Michigan Faces Major Infrastructure Challenge
(3/11/02) New Jersey Finds Leaky Creaky Water System Is Major Part of its Water Supply Woes
(3/05/02) Baltimore Faces a Decade of Rate Hikes for Costly Federal Sewer Mandates
(3/01/02) Florida City Faces Major Problem in Aging Water and Sewer Pipes
(2/22/02) Municipalities Raise Water Rates to Cope with Security Costs
(2/21/02) Lobbyists Oppose Water Infrastructure Cuts
(2/14/02) Harvard Study Finds Billions Needed for Drinking Water Infrastructure Repair
(2/12/02) Baltimore's Aging Sewers Could Cost City $900 Million, Lead to Tripling of Sewer Rates
(2/6/02) WIN, Environmentalists Criticize Clean Water Cuts in Bush's FY03 Budget
(1/23/02) San Francisco Water Utility Needs Over $4 Billion to Upgrade Century-Old Infrastructure
(1/22/02) California to Spend $600 Million on Water Reclamation Infrastructure Project
(1/10/02) Arsenic Rule Adds New Expenses to Already Over-Burdened Water Utilities
(1/10/02) GAO Report on Water Infrastracture Calls for Funding Boost (pdf)
(1/09/02) Citing the Water Infrastructure Network, California's Rebuild America Coalition Calls on Congress to Increase Wastewater Infrastructure Funding (pdf)
(1/05/02) United States General Accounting Office Releases Key Report, Finds Water Infrastructure Investment Need Enormous.
(1/03/02) Researchers Study Aging Water System Pipes


(12/18/01) Major California Sewage Spill Linked to Deteriorating Infrastructure
(12/10/01) Calif. City Has Hard Time Coping with Aging Infrastructure, Growth
(11/29/01) Aging Infrastructure Causes Ga. Municipality to Tax Property Owners
(11/08/01) Orange County, Calif. Demonstrates Importance of Federal Funds
(11/06/01) Editorial Calls on Congress to Invest in Water Infrastructure
(11/01/01) Stabenow Backs Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Funds
(11/01/01) EPA Proposes Water Infrastructure Changes in Upcoming Bill
(10/31/01) WIN Members Testify Before House Environment Subcommittee
(10/25/01) Two Key Magazine Articles on Water Infrastructure Funding
                            (PDF, 1,537k)
08/21/01 Clean Water State Revolving Fund Reduced in Next Fiscal Year
05/21/01 Lawmakers Want More Infrastructure Funds In EPA Budget
                          About The WIN Report Water Infrastructure Now
03/29/01 Water Infrastructure Hearings Held In House and Senate
03/28/01 Controversy Competes With Testimony At Water Hearings
03/19/01 Committee Plans Infrastructure Legislation This Congress
03/19/01 Call For More Infrastructure Funding Comes From All Corners
03/19/01 EPA Estimate About One-Third Of True Infrastructure Needs
03/19/01 Senators Ask For Infrastructure Increase In Bush 2002 Budget
03/19/01 Bill Introduced To Fund Small Community Drinking Water Upgrades
03/19/01 Drinking Water Infrastructure Graded "D"



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